Carmody Scuba & Travel LLC

Wakatobi Resort


March 13 - 24, 2023

Photos from 2020 trip to Wakatobi

We have had many people mention they would like to experience Wakatobi in Indonesia so we are returning in March.  The diving and snorkeling are fantastic!!!!

We usually plan to stay in Bali for 2-3 nights to get over the flying and the time difference and do some touring of Bali.  I arrange through the Wakatobi office for a bus/van, driver and guide to take us to several of the cultural places we cannot miss.  We have lunch and it is usually an all-day trip.  Or you may want to just stay at the hotel and sleep and use the pools.  We have stayed at the Conrad Bali previously.  The rates have been good and they include breakfast.  It is a Hilton Hotel.  The cost here is approximately $155 per day.

You can only go for 7 or 11 days because the charter airplane only flies into and out of the resort on Mondays and Fridays.  The following costs are for the 11-day stay (if you come this far, you might as well enjoy it for the whole time!) but I can figure out the shorter time if you wish.  The resort charges by the day, for the room and meals, for the diving or snorkeling, and the number of times a day you go out.  

The charter flight from Bali to Wakatobi is included in the total below.  Wakatobi does make these reservations for us.

Also, remind me of the number of times you have previously been to Wakatobi.  They do a Loyalty Reward discount for each time you are returning.  

Package includes:

11 nights in a beautiful Bungalow

     Three meals a day plus snacks on the dive boats

     Free nitrox

     A guide for every 4 people

     27 or 30 dives

     Airport transfers are included from the resort

Costs: approximate for now.

Ocean Front Bungalow:


     3 dives/day boat dives :                    $7857     

     2 dives/day boat dives:                 $7382

     Snorkel Unlimited:

     3 guided boat snorkels/day:            $7335

     2 guided boat snorkels/day:            $6955

     Non-Diver:                                    $5767


Palm Bungalow:     


     3 dives/day boat dives:                  $7012

     2 dives/day boat dives:                  $6650

     Snorkel Unlimited:

     3 guided boat snorkels/day:          $6290

     2 guided boat snorkels/day:          $5910

     Non-Diver:                                     $4722

It is more cost effective to purchase your dive or snorkel package now before arriving.

There is a $1000 per person deposit which will hold your reservation.  I will then fine tune your trip for how long and where you would like to stay.